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Cottons has helped thousands of women make the natural choice by creating Australia’s first 100% cotton tampons! Now operating in over 15 countries world-wide, Cottons has grown to be Australia's first and most trusted 100% natural feminine hygiene product supplier. Using Cottons products ensures that the most delicate area of your body is protected using only 100% cotton.


About Us

About Us

We Are...

Cottons is a family business, established in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. The feminine hygiene market in the early 90s in Australia, was dominated by synthetic products, with no “natural” choices so Cottons developed and introduced Australia’s first 100% cotton tampons. 

The response from women was amazingly positive, as those who had sensitive skin, discomfort or just didn’t want synthetic materials, at last had a real alternative.

Fast-forward over 20 years and Cottons are still providing great quality natural feminine hygiene products, but now to over 15 different countries worldwide. Ranging from pads, tampons and liners, to maternity pads, nursing pads and incontinence products.

The Cottons Difference

The Cottons Difference

Why Choose Us?

Cottons difference is just as the name suggests, cotton. With Cottons it’s all about feeling comfortable in every way. 

The pure, gentle and 100% chemical free cotton we use in our tampons, pads and liners gives women a natural alternative during their periods. 

Using only the highest, first grade quality cotton, purified by an environmentally friendly process (oxygen cleansing rather than chlorine bleach) our tampons are free of synthetic materials.

do you know what’s in
your tampons?

Many brands look the same, but look carefully on the box if you want to understand what the tampons are made with. 

When it comes to choosing a brand, why not choose a product of nature?

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Cottons Cares

Cottons Cares

We do not think its fair that any women should go without something as vital as her feminine hygiene necessities, and we believe that they deserve to have a natural choice for the time of the month. This is why our partnership with Share the Dignity is so important not only to us, but for those women who are going through tough times many of us could not imagine. When it comes to helping those in need, we think it’s important to step up and do your bit, however great or small.

Cottons is, and always has been socially conscious, having worked with charities ranging from small women’s support groups all the way to international organisations. Philosophically though, the stance that Share the Dignity have taken has really resonated with us in a way that no charity has done before. So, when we did become aware of the amazing work that Share the Dignity do even in the infancy of the charity, it was a no brainer, we had to get involved. Its what Share The Dignity inspire in so many people across Australia that made us so compelled to really make a difference to the lives of women who are homeless or at risk.

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